Fingertips Music Guide to betterPropaganda: June '06

This month we're bringing you a new collaboration with one of our favorite bloggers, Jeremy Schlosberg from Fingertips Music. He'll be recommending a few of his favorite tunes uploaded to betterPropaganda each month. Start reading this months Top 5 and don't forget to check out Fingertips while you're at it for more in depth reviews.

1) "Let's Get Out Of This Country" - Camera Obscura
This song all but wraps its arms around me with its wonderful (and difficult) combination of spaciousness and intimacy. There are big bashing drumbeats and sweeping waves of strings on the one hand, an introspective melody and the soft pretty ache in Tracyanne Campbell's lilting voice on the other. A glossy, bittersweet reverb seals it all together, rather magically. A real winner.

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2) "Inside of Me" - Starlight Mints
A slightly loopy cascading piano leads us straight into a stompy, glam-inflected rocker that maintains a slightly crazy edge throughout. It's always fun when a band that can get truly weird--as Starlight Mints can--chooses to keep it mostly under wraps and delivers their version of a straightforward pop song; the weirdness still seeps out through the seams. This is a good thing.

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3) "Amazed" - Greg Laswell
Laswell sings lazily over a fuzzy guitar, and I'm thinking, okay, another lazy-fuzzy singer/songwriter thing. But the song has movement, nice instrumental touches, and unexpected melody. When the chorus opens up with a full-out wall of guitar sound, I'm hooked.

4) "Blackened Blue Eyes" - The Charlatans UK This veteran band brings a vivid swaggering presence to everything it touches. A simple piano vamp lies at the core, but there's lots going on here, including great droning guitar lines, horn-like swells of synthesizers, and an effortlessly catchy chorus.

5) "Springtime Can Kill You" - Jolie Holland
Sounding like a lounge-based, accent-free Björk, Holland skates, slides, flutters, and even whistles her way through this minimally (and quirkily) accompanied song. She all but deconstructs the wonderful melody in the process--making it all the more wonderful, somehow. The lyrics are also really cool, worth heeding even if you're not normally a lyrics person.

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