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Digital Music Spins New Sales Approach
As online music retailers look for ways to guide listeners through catalogs of millions of songs, this latter-day mix-making known as playlists are drawing renewed attention.

Digital Music Sales Tripled in 2005
Worldwide digital music sales surged threefold to $1.1 billion in 2005, an industry trade group said on Thursday, as consumers flocked to buy music for their computers, iPods and mobile phones.

Can the Web Make a Rock Star of Me?
A growing number of rock star wannabes are launching online, using Internet buzz, free samples and cyberscouts to get their music heard.

Digital and Music Worlds Starting to Sing the Same Tune
Mobile and digital were the buzzwords at this year's MIDEM music extravaganza as industry insiders were joined by the largest turnout ever of the movers and shakers from the digital world.

EMI Considers Opening its DRM to Inspection
The EMI Group is reviewing a request by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to allow reverse engineering of its digital rights management software, EMI said on Friday.

Sony Reorganizes Struggling Connect Service
Sony said Friday that it will strengthen ties between its portable audio division and the struggling Connect digital music download unit, an iTunes rival launched in early 2004.

Shakeout Looms in Booming Digital Music Sector
The music industry’s annual conference is abuzz with the success of legal download services such as iTunes, but some participants warn that a shakeout could be coming among its many competitors.

Spitzer & the Labels: The Sequel
New York's attorney general is looking into why most music download services charge the same price.


Digital Music: Industry Answers
The BBC News website asked for queries and gripes about the way new technology is being used - and the eight sharpest, most frequent and most important questions were put to the virtual panel.


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