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Digital Music Enjoys a Dream Week
There was so much legitimate downloading in the final week of 2005 that it recalled the impossible tallies research firms used in the late 1990s to dazzle venture capitalists and scare the daylights out of major-label executives.

Buying Music from Anywhere and Selling it Online
Working in the media and entertainment group of consultancy McKinsey, Greg Scholl got a first-hand look at inefficiency in the music business: The major record labels focus on creating hits, and they rarely make money on releases that sell less than a few hundred thousand copies.

Probe May Delay Change in Digital-Music Prices
A New York state antitrust probe of record labels' digital-music pricing is coming at a critical time for the online music business and could delay a move away from the industry's familiar price tag of 99 cents per song, legal experts say.

Podcasts: A Guy Thing?
Historically, yes. But women are tuning in to the online audio programs in greater numbers, a survey shows.

Clear Channel to Launch Music Video-on-Demand
Clear Channel Communications, the top U.S. radio conglomerate, said Friday that it planned to begin testing a free, on-demand music-video service next Tuesday as part of a strategy to bolster its Internet presence.

Album Sales Hit Nine-Year Low in 2005
Despite the sober figures--blamed in part on illegal downloads--legal downloads of music increased 194 percent last year.

Music Downloading Creates Listener Apathy
Internet downloading and MP3 players are creating a generation of people who do not seriously appreciate songs or musical performances, British researchers said.

Music CD Compilations Suffer in Digital Age
Sales of music compilations dropped sharply in 2005, as consumers are increasingly opting to make their own DIY mixes using digital technology, according to new figures.


Winners and Losers of 2005
The year 2005 was an excellent year, depending of course on your point of view. For the tech industry, BitTorrent soared to new heights while Steve Jobs enjoyed record breaking iPod sales. Yet not everyone shared this success. The RIAA continued its fight against P2P networking with little effect, as Sony-BMG disgraced itself and the DRM concept.


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