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Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat
Following the unbelievable dust cloud surrounding Sony BMG's XCP-protected discs, an industry debate over the future of CD-based copy-protection is now emerging.

College Kids Talk Music, Deliver Some Surprises
On Wednesday, a panel of college-aged music fans discussed a wide range of digital formats at the Digital Entertainment & Media Expo in Los Angeles, offering some interesting revelations to "real world" executives.

Amp'd Dials down Music Prices
Both the music business and wireless carriers have had big ambitions for the sale of over the air downloads.

Rivals Try to Sing Along with MySpace
Social-networking site MySpace's growing role as a powerful force in the music business is sparking followers, which are offering broader features for bands and music fans in hopes of attracting the giant's audience.

Downloads in Music Overload
Has a transition to digital formats cheapened music? According to a group of researchers at the University of Leicester, a flood of easily-accessed tunes is making the music-listening experience less valued.

Those DRM Blues
Try as it might, Sony BMG can't escape problems brought about by copy-protecting its CDs.

Study: Youth Opt for iPods Over Radio
A whopping 85 percent of music listeners between the ages of 12 and 24 would rather listen to their MP3 players than to terrestrial radio broadcasts, according to a recent finding by Bridge Ratings.

More Squeezing the Sharman
It doesn't look as if Kazaa will end up on top in the land downunder.


Study: Playlist Sharing Drives Online Music Models
Derek Slater of Harvard’s Berkman’s Center for Internet & Society has co-authored a study with Mike McGuire of Gartner, focusing on the crucial role of "consumer taste sharing" in driving the online music business. One-tenth of their sample group of online music users claimed to make music purchases based on recommendations of other users. The study forecasts that by 2010, fully a quarter of purchases will be driven by recommendations.


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