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Copy-Protected CDs Turning Music Fans Off Record Buying
As the CD enters its autumn years, why not piss off the remaining customers still willing to buy them? That nonsensical logic is bothersome to a group of people getting burned by DRM scandals: music retailers.

Digital Brings Messy Democracy to Music Industry
Music is neck-deep into a new era in which convenience is paramount. Artists are creating music at increasingly lower costs in their own homes and distributing it over the Internet, while consumers are listening to that music anywhere, anytime on wireless portable devices.

Taste for Illegal Tunes Strong for Europe's Youth
Illegal downloads are still beating legal online music in Europe, analysts say.

RIAA Bears Down on Webcasting Rules
The Recording Artist Association of America is keeping closer tabs on Internet radio service Live365.

Five Reasons Why Sony Rootkit Is Good For You
Ex-CEO of and current CEO of Linspire, Michael Robertson posted an article in his Linspire forums that offers five reasons why rootkit flagrant is good for consumers.

iTunes Doubles Japanese Music Downloads
iTunes doubles the download market in Japan from the second quarter of this year to the third quarter. Also, the iPod has gained 60 percent market share, marking the first time Sony has been outsold in the portable music player arena in Japan.

Apple's iPods Prosper as Piracy Flourishes, But who is to Blame?
The intersection between consumer technology and piracy isn't something most companies are eager to talk about.

R.I.P. CDs
The San Francisco Chronicle considers the alternatives to compact discs: iPods, satellite radio and hours of free or cheap digital music to download legally.


File Under Meek
Chalk up another hollow victory for the entertainment industry in its crusade against piracy.


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