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Legal P2P Opens for Business
iMesh relaunches Tuesday as the first formerly unregulated peer-to-peer network to turn itself into a paid music service.

Study: iPod Users are Prolific Influencers
Market research firm Intelliseek reports that iPod users are among the most likely on the Internet to create and spread consumer-generated media.

From Geek to Chic - iPod Female Takes Over
Downloading is no longer a boys’ club. Women have seized control of the iPod with a 700 per cent increase in their share of digital music spending.,,20...

Napster and Apple Criticized Over Ads on Pirate Web Sites
The British record industry has urged Napster and Apple's iTunes to stop advertising on illegal music download sites.,3604...

Study: Europeans Pay Double Tax on Net Music
Consumers are being forced to pay usage rights on legal copy-protected music downloads multiple times because of outdated private copy levies.

Digital Music Player Sales Seen Up Sharply by 2009
Global sales of digital music players are expected to jump to nearly l billion units a year in 2009, driven by consumers' desire for the pocket-sized devices and falling costs for flash memory components, research firm IDC said on Thursday.

Divvying Up the Download Payload
British musicians and labels are fighting bitterly over money as sales of online music change the economics of the industry.,1412,69255,00....

PassAlong Networks Adds the CD Baby Catalog to Its Digital Music Network
A developer of innovative technologies for digital music, announced today an agreement with CD Baby to make its extensive catalog available on PassAlong Networks powered digital music stores.


Media Companies Go Too Far to Curb Consumers' Activities
Media Companies Go Too Far to Curb Consumers' Activities In some quarters of the Internet, the three most hated letters of the alphabet are DRM.


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