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Munich based Compost Records is one of the most consistent and forward thinking labels in continental Europe. Their latest releases include FELIX LABAND, EDDY meets YANNAH, ALEX ATTIAS and INTUIT. For over a decade they have been quietly releasing the right and proper pieces from a steadily building alternative club culture that has now made a huge impact on global club music.

Compost Records was founded in 1993 by DJ, composer, music-journalist, club-organizer, A & R expert, producer, football fan and a dedicated record collector Michael Reinboth.

The first release of A Forest Mighty Black “Fresh In My Mind” was a small underground-hit, and found its way to the play lists of DJs like James Lavelle and Gilles Peterson. Since then Compost Records established itself as one of the most important labels nation wide and gained a lot of respect all over Europe with acts like Kyoto Jazz Massive, Beanfield, Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio, just to name some of them.

A lot of comparisons were made by the international press to labels like Talking Loud, Yellow Productions and MoWax , but Compost managed to show that it had an independent vision in redefining the sounds of Jazz, Electronica, Dancefloor and Homelistening within a club music /DJ context.

Up till now Compost Records has had more than 150 releases, among them such successful compilation series like “Future Sounds Of Jazz” Vol. 1-9 and “Glücklich” Vol. 1-5. This spring also set birth to the giant “Fueled For The Future” compilation, a 5-CD Box-Set whose albums have been available separate in Japan only so far.

In 1998 Reinboth founded JCR (Jazzanova-Compost-Records) together with Jazzanova, releasing more than 40 records until 2003. This was a logical consequence of the close association between the Jazzanova DJ-team and Compost Records in the mid-Ninties. In 2003 Jazzanova decided to put all its efforts into its own superb label Sonar Kollektiv, taking with them the act Jazzanova and leaving all other JCR acts to Compost Records.

Basically Compost means quality leftfield underground club music and they aim to never dissapoint.

for more info see the Compost website.

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