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Digital Music Sales Surge amid Broader Decline
The music industry cheered a tripling of digital music sales in the first half of 2005 that was spurred by mobile phone ring tones and online services and offset persistent declines in overall sales.

Canada Labels Launch Copyright Campaign
Canadian record companies plan intense lobbying ahead of parliamentary hearings this fall into new Copyright Act legislation, which they argue should prevent file-swapping on the Internet.

Congress to Legislate File Swapping?
A California senator has suggested that because file-sharing networks continue to house illegal files, they should be shut down.

Japan's Music Industry Wants Fee on Sales of Latest Digital Players
In the United States, recording labels want a bigger slice of Apple's success in digital music by seeking higher prices on downloaded songs. Japan's music industry has a different idea: putting a fee on iPods.

Artists’ Managers, Royalty Collectors Turn on iTunes
Having lauded the arrival of legal music download services likes Apple's iTunes for saving it from online piracy, the music industry is now complaining that the digital domain is not sufficiently recompensing artists.

Government Pledge for Indie Music
New and independent music talent could get a boost after the government has pledged to help small companies make it big in the music industry.

P2P Sharing Volume Edges Downward in September
Traffic on P2P networks edged downward in September after peaking over the summer at an all time record. Using the more important comparison to similar figures recorded last year, the number of peer-to-peer users has actually risen dramatically.

EU Debuts Single Online Music License
Services that want to sell music in the EU now can get a single license to operate in all 25 member states.


The New Music Download Battle
After finally discovering that money (lots of it) can be made from music downloads, the RIAA and some of its members are rethinking the entire concept, and the iTunes deal in particular.,1895,1865107,00.asp


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