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Music Labels Finally Cash In On Videos
The music video format, which no longer figures heavily on MTV's flagship network, has found new life online.

Apple, Record Labels to Face Off Over Pricing
Should all songs cost 99 cents, or is it OK to charge more for the really good stuff? Steve Jobs, music execs are at odds.

Rock Band Shows Fans How to Crack DRM
A rock musician has expressed anger at digital rights management (DRM) technology after hearing complaints from fans who are having difficulty importing his group's songs to programs like iTunes.

Music Sites Caving to Pressure from Labels?
The trade group Recording Industry Association of America sent out "cease and desist" letters last week to seven file-sharing groups.

Congress to Legislate File Swapping?
A California senator has suggested that because file-sharing networks continue to house illegal files, they should be shut down.

Art Born of Outrage in the Internet Age
An unlicensed rap song, "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People," has already been downloaded by as many as a half-million people. The videos have been seen by thousands.

Fans Tune In to Musicians in Ads
Billboard delves into fans' reactions to music in advertising (and advertising in music).


Copy Protection Hang-Ups Irk Music Fans
The music industry hopes to control illegal file sharing by putting digital locks on music, but some consumers suffer unintended consequences when the technology for copy protection acts unpredictably.


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