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Court Cases Don't Scare Music File Swappers Away
Despite two huge court losses for file-sharing firms, unauthorized online song and movie swapping is at an all-time peak, says Internet measurement company BigChampagne.

Getting Bad with Apple
Michael Robertson's reputation rests on the string of companies he's started, from to Linspire.

Podcast Start-up Creates Music Network
Podcasting start-up PodShow, the love child of former MTV video jockey Adam Curry, has created a network for musicians and podcasters.

British Music Retailers Begin Digital War
In a clear sign the digital music revolution is here to stay, Britain's major music retailers are going head-to-head for a slice of the burgeoning -- and potentially very lucrative -- Internet downloading market.

Can Kazaa Go Legit?
If Napster's death is remembered as tragedy, Kazaa's death -- if and when it comes -- may well be remembered as farce.,1284,68770,00.html

MPAA, RIAA Plan to Collaborate with Internet2
The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) announced Friday plans to collaborate with Internet2, a networking consortium, for development of future business models for digital content distribution.

The Orchard Lauches Innovative New Label-Owned Store Offering
The Orchard, the world's leading distributor and marketer of independent music, today announced an innovative new digital retail option for The Orchard's label and artist clients.


Doing What You Can as a Digital Musician
About 8,000 independent artists selling CDs on CD Baby are donating their sales revenues to the Red Cross.


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