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Indie Record Labels Seeing Gold
After years of small labels being given less money than big labels for their products, both Apple Computer and Microsoft were at last agreeing to provide indies with a greater cut of the profits from online music sales.

EU Moves to Open Up Online Music Licensing
A commitment by author royalty collectors in Belgium and the Netherlands to end restrictions to consumer choice could serve as an example for others to avoid legal action, the European Commission said Wednesday.

Start-ups Let Fans Sell Music Online
A handful of services now available or launching soon aim to turn ordinary consumers into digital-music retailers, giving people the ability to sell music from their own Web sites and make a little money in the process.

In One stroke, Podcasting Hits Mainstream
iTunes software now offers a gateway to 3,000 podcasts. Can Apple do for podcasts what it did for online music?

Legal Music Downloads Triple Worldwide
Legal digital song downloads around the world have tripled in the past year, while the growth of music piracy on peer-to-peer networks appears to have slowed, according to record labels.

Incompatibility Slowing Growth of Digital Music
The market for legitimate music downloads is booming, but the stumbling block of incompatibility will not go away.

Late To the Download Dance
Broadcast radio stations are turning their Web sites into music stores via paid download services that mimic Apple's enormously popular iTunes. This is such a neat and intuitive idea that you have to wonder what took them so long.

Digital Agencies Hunt for Video Talent
With more advertisers looking to enhance their online ads and Websites with video, more agencies are looking both inside and out to find talent to bridge the gap between offline video and online rich media.


After the P2P Revolution: A Landscape Forever Changed
P2P has the reputation of being the scourge of the music industry, a gateway to indiscretion and the demise of intellectual property. But legal battles and infringing users are only one aspect of the phenomenon.


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