Carter Little: Kill My Darling

So I was watching "The Family Guy" and there was a joke about someone turning evil and writing graffiti which said, "That's enough, John Mayer!", and I immediately thought: "they wouldn't write that about Carter Little." And it's true: Carter Little is John Mayer without the icky factor. He writes good pop songs which don't make you cringe. He's "the real thing."

Take "Kill My Darling", from the "Dare To be Small" album - it's a perfect example of pop craftsmanship on parade - and you don't need a chorus of 14 year old girls, screaming their heads off, to know it. It's simple and perfect. (I've listened to the damn thing, at least, 15 times and it continues to sound fresh on each listen - just as the album does.) Carter Little is a major talent and, if there's any justice in the world, his name will be scrawled somewhere soon - and it won't be someone saying "Enough!" but huge crowds, of actual music lovers, shouting "More!"

Carter Little is huge - believe that.

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