Hot Karl: I've Heard

Hot Karl admits that people say he sounds like "Eminem with everything I write" but on "I've Heard" he, also, sounds like something that must be much more satisfying: himself. Gone are the jokes, and the nasal delivery, while all the, goofy, white-fish-in-a-black-pond posturing on the album (entitled The Great Escape) is abandoned in favor of a, somewhat, straight ahead world view.

Coming at you in the tradition of Rap's Golden Age (which isn't surprising since M.C. Search, of 3rd Base fame, is putting in assistance on the CD) the lushness and vibrancy of "I've Heard" is immediately apparent - this is more of that classic shit - which ain't bad for a silly white guy (with a chihuahua) who's ignored by everybody but other rappers - and us.

"Baby, Baby, pleease!" indeed.

Get this one.

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Hot Karl
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