Dressy Bessy: Side 2

Do you, or can you, remember that day, that warm, endless, summer day, when mom and pop carted you, in that brand new 'used' car, to the county fair, state fair, some kind of fair? But, now all you recall, or recount, when this memory is sparked is how you blew chunks -- chunks of corn dog and cotton candy all over the tilt-a-whirl carny who had green teeth and brown gums... and he deserved it you would say, "... the sum bitch cranked the thing up just to make me hurl!" Well, maybe so, but before that milestone event in your innocence (and corn dog) lost, before it all went wrong and came up, didn't you have just about the best time you'd ever had? If you could relive that day you would hear yourself thinking, "Holy cow, when I grow up I'm gonna come to the fair every day! Cuz I'll be all grown up and can do whatever I want! Grown-ups do whatever they like!" You can do whatever you like... uhh, and you can also go to jail, so listen to Dressy Bessy, avoid jail, and feel young again... or at the very least younger. And if you like what you hear you should give a listen to Apples in Stereo and Marbles -- two indie bands that share the same family tree.

Alan Williamson

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Dressy Bessy
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