The Mars Patrol: Turn It Around EP

With a powerful voice, and equally matched powerful guitar, The Mars Patrol grab your attention and don’t let go until you decide to take their record off of repeat.

Multi-instrumentalist Ross Nelson (backing vocals, percussion, guitars) is a one-man rhythm-section. His super-smooth guitars blend perfectly with Davina Divine’s melodically sensible vocal offerings to create a solid wall of aural pleasure.

Turn It Around, the EP presented by this Edinburgh, Scotland duo boldly teeters on the line of traditional acoustic music and minimal symphony. But don’t let the absence of multiple instruments fool you. The music you are about to listen to is full of catchy hooks, crafted harmonization and lush guitar arrangements. My desktop speakers were producing air like warehouse turbines.

The leading track "Spheres Of Reality" showcases Davina's genuine passion for singing, something that was made apparently clear by putting this record on repeat indefinitely. "Breathe" and "Sanitize" demonstrates the duo’s ability to channel pure energy into three minutes of damn-near perfect songwriting. Ross matches and accents Davina's every pullback-and-release on "Bought & Sold". The final track, "Turn It Around" is an appropriate closer for the record, as it sums up the folk/rock prowess this duo possesses.

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