Lambchop: Awcmon & Noyoucmon

Awcmon & Noyoucmon

I'm never going to own all of Lambchop's, releases. This is something I've come to accept. Keeping pace with this prolific Nashville band's output (some eight odd full-lengths, numerous EPs and scattered tour-only B-sides collections in their dozen years of existence) would be damn near impossible. I just feel lucky to have ever enjoyed one of their records. Things aren't getting any easier, as Kurt Wagner's wacky collective is now releasing two albums simultaneously. Kurt Wagner, singer, songwriter, gutiarist and head Lambchopper, challenged himself by attempting to write one complete song a day from Summer 2002 to Winter 2003. This daunting task allowed him to grow as a songwriter and more importantly pick the crème de la crème of those songs written in that year and a half. The result is unclassifiable: the tunes' foundations lie in pop-rock, but sometimes lean towards folk or country, sometimes toward soft-rock; you can hear an R&B/soul influence in the vocal arrangement or maybe even the ghost of a John Hughes movie theme song. Wagner appears to have tired of being a square peg in the indie music world and wanted to make sure there was something for everyone and on at least one of these two discs he succeeded.

by Celeste Tabora, originally for Pulse of the Twin Cities

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