The Lenzmen: Scientific Community And Magnify Lenz

Well, it happened:

Dynamics Plus came down to earth (or, more appropriately, up from the Fallout Shelter) on Album II: Scientific Community and Magnify Lenz, the first release by New York's Lenzmen. Proving the second album is the always the most difficult, the, newer-than-new, futuristic sound and concept (stretched tight as a drum on Dynamics Plus' solo release, Dynamic Universe Vol. VI: The Fortress Of Solitude and Doctor Atomics) has given way to overly-simplistic beat patterns, rhymes that feature threats (Yawn) and a crew of rappers that say "Yo Yo Yo" and "You know what I'm sayin'?" more than any supposed spacemen should be comfortable with.

Where Dynamic Universe was Dynamics Plus' 2001: A Space Odyssey (to Dr. Octagon's Buck Rogers) Album II is the emergence of the Ewoks in the Star Wars series - a misguided idea, designed to spread the franchise by appealing to the kids. The Lenzmen (Dynamics Plus, Doctor Strange, Centri, and Earthadox) seem to have forgotten (just as George Lucas did) that they're selling a "concept" - break the spell and you blow the listener's whole reason for joining you. And, sorry to say, the spell gets broken, pretty quick, here.

The first two songs on Album II (which are the best and sound like extra tracks from the original Dynamics Plus record- especially "Main Event Wrestler (3 Way Dance, Part I)") have no listed titles. The rhymes are more braggadocio than branding - or bandwidth - and most of the synth work (revolutionary on the first album) sounds like mere noodling. Overall, the production is disjointed, from track to track, and, at times, just plain awful. I could go on but (out of respect for the space age vision they've revamped and reintroduced) I won't. I will say this album is a major let down.

That said, I feel compelled to add that Dynamics Plus is (without a doubt) the brightest star in the independent Rap scene - and I've heard a lot of new independent Rap. He's smart, versatile, and imaginative, in a way most Hip Hop artists (with their, simple-minded, Gangsta or T&A content) can't even start to comprehend. Hell, his beats, alone, are miles ahead of, almost, everybody else, so, I'm sure, he'll sort this out. (He does have a second solo album coming soon,...)

But, now, I know he's human - not a High Tech Music God, "far beyond your range", battling space robots with female computers and burrowing under the earth, but, possibly, just a guy, hangin' with a bunch of undisciplined street dudes, who watch cartoons, and read more than their share of Sci-Fi comics - and that bit of knowledge just came waaay too soon.

For me, anyway.

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