Notwist: Different Cars and Trains

Different Cars and Trains EP

Following up 2002's exceedingly well-received icy laptop-pop album, Neon Golden, Germany's Notwist return with an EP of remixes and one new track (not exactly a bona fide follow-up). Moreover, you're probably thinking "How could Neon Golden's amazing songs get any better? I bet the remixes aren't as good." On the contrary, like so many remixes, the revised song takes on the Different Cars and Trains EP aren't "better" or "worse" simply different. Let's face it here people, if you're into intelligent pop music, this is going to be one of the better discs you could pick up whether or not your a fan of remix albums. So let's skip the discussion over originals vs covers vs remixes, get over your remixophobia and get this album. We can all save time, and you can always thank me later.

by Celeste Tabora, originally for Pulse of the Twin Cities

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