The Peppermints: Rabid Frogs

You know how people talk about films like The Exorcist? How you'll hear stories of how ticket-buying customers had to leave the theatre... they couldn't handle it? Uber-hip novelist Chuck Palahniuk, during a reading tour would whip out his unpublished short story, Guts, and faintings and audience members fighting their way to the exits was all I heard about. Well, if you can't handle the raw sound and shriek of The Peppermints, then you're a wuss like those poor saps. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they aren't Sufjan Stevens, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for that matter, and listening too long might make your head feel like an overripe avocado, but avocados are good for you.. right? What do The Peppermints sound like? Uhh, to get back to The Exorcist... ya know that scene when Linda Blair's little green head spins right around on her demon possessed little shoulders? That's what it sounded like in her head... The Peppermints.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes

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The Peppermints
song:Rabid Frogs
album:Jesus Chryst (Paw Tracks)
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