Peter Elkas: Party of One

I love the opening of Peter Elkas' "Party of One". The falling down the stairs, static-y drums, the tasty guitar licks flicking out of the speakers, and surely, not in the least... the Elkas voice--a sweet syrupy sound, climbing into a clear Buckleyesque falsetto. Elkas does resemble fellow Canadian, Ron Sexsmith, on "Party of One", not surprising since Elkas' solo debut was produced by long-time Sexsmith drummer, Don Kerr. He also can sound like a mellowed Joel Plaskett, who is a mellowed Ted Leo--who is a more tightly wound Plaskett, who is a more tightly wound Elkas... uh, I've painted myself into a circular corner here. But that's all i need for a "Party of One". Oh, jeez, that was bad, sorry.

Alan Williamson

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Peter Elkas
song:Party Of One
album:Party Of One (Maple Music)
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