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Interest in File-Sharing at All Time High
Although the mainstream media tends to report there is a decline in P2P and file- sharing usage, it appears this is largely incorrect.

Sun Unveils All-knowing Music Library
Sun Microsystems has unveiled a technology that will recommend songs to users based on an analysis of the music that they already enjoy.

Radiohead Offer Downloads For Charity
In a charitable effort to raise money for children in war zones and eliminate media giants from absorbing their earnings, Radiohead are releasing their back catalog online for the first time ever, on War Child Music.

Loot Teams Up With Wippit for Music Downloads
Classifieds publication Loot has partnered with digital music service Wippit to launch an online music store.

Universal Music Downloads $52mn From Online Sales
Universal Music has revealed that it made $52mn from downloads sales in the first quarter of 2005. downloads-52mn-from-online-sales.html

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star
Podcasting will soon break out of the "pod" and onto the public airwaves. The world's first all-podcast radio station will be launched on May 16 by Infinity Broadcasting, the radio division of Viacom.,1412,67344,00.html

Linkin Park Wants Out Of Warner Bros. Contract
Rock act Linkin Park is demanding release from its Warner Music Group cotract in the wake of a dispute over a renegotiation of the band's contract. The band plans to rely more on the internet for promotions. vnu_content_id=1000904551


The Smart Set
Cult favorites no more, indie bands crafting intelligent songs are becoming major players in the changing world of pop music.


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