Hot Hot Heat: Goodnight Goodnight

Victoria, BC's, Hot Hot Heat, are spinning out more sticky webs of New York 'indie scene ambience' meets 80's pop goth superstars, The Cure... and as usual to brilliant effect. These boys have not slipped back into the cool shadows, they are still facing and embracing the hot hot heat. Uh, sorry... it just came out. Anyways, if the, at times, hyper-yelp of vocalist Steve Bays caused you to turn a deaf ear to the band, it has been toned down, tempered, pruned, to perhaps a more pleasing aesthetic.

You could call them The Walkmen, or Spoon, or even Jascha Ephraim, meet 80's post-disco synth pop in a cab driven by The Cure's Robert Smith... or you could call them Hot Hot Heat. It's easier.

Alan Williamson

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