Shimmer: Shimmer

Hype can be a dangerous thing. Like, if I was a dictator, whoever compared Shimmer to Prince (or, for Christ's sake, Al Green) would be shot on sight. The same goes for calling them "Neo-Soul" (like they're about to put D'Angelo, and Erykah Badu, out of business - sure) it just doesn't hold up, and would, at the very least, be more-than-sufficient proof, for me, that somebody needs their head examined.

Before being shot, of course.

Other names that have no business coming up around this band (Bowie, Elvis Costello) are just as criminal in nature. Hasn't anybody ever heard of Lenny Kravitz? From the CD's opening song ("Don't Trip On Your Way Out") to the very end, "Shimmer " has, by far, more in common with Kravitz's brand of Rock than any of the other names, and genres, that arrived with it. Or did everybody miss that? Face it: these guys are alright, but just not in the way people are trying to get us to believe.

"Shimmer" has 10 tracks - and all of them are O.K. - but there's no sure fire winner, either. And it sounds exactly like what it is: the documenting of a talented Pop Rock group, on the way up, with lots of unrealized potential. (Considering the cliche'd calculations behind putting fishnet stockings on the cover - and the band's white, suburban, bad boy image - they've got some work to do, conceptually, also.) While the album's production is clean, and big-money professional (Check out "Like A Feather" for a typical example) the song-writing's, still, a little thin, throughout, and you keep wishing the producer would have kicked them in the ass a bit more - or stayed up later, himself.

Still, this band can't help but make me think, one day, if they drop the bullshit posturing (please) and decide to get serious, Shimmer might be a band that's worthy of real respect - instead of a wannabe reflection of just about anybody a fan might think they can be. On a 1-10, I give the debut album about a 6, or a 7, but it, clearly, shows they can be much, much, better.

Buy the CD so you can say you knew them when.

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