Similar Music Streams: How to do it

We've sorted out a glorious new way to sift through our ever expanding database of hand picked audio gems. We now have a stream option for the "Similar Music" listing in the upper right on each artist page. So if you're at the Arcade Fire page, you can now stream a playlist that includes artists like The Walkmen and Broken Social Scene. On the Boom Bip page, you'll be able to stream artists like Machine Drum and Headset. Pretty freakin' cool we say. It's changing the way we listen to music here at betterPropaganda world headquarters.

On the upper right of an artist page, there's a dark gray bar that says "Similar Music" in yellow. To the right of that, it says "Stream lo| hi." Clicking 'lo' opens a low-bandwidth 32k audio stream suitable for modem users; 'hi' opens a 128k audio stream for broadband users. The streams itself are .m3u playlists. If you're having problems getting them to open, you may have to modify your browser MIME types to open .m3u files in your favorite mp3 player, such as winamp or iTunes. The playlist itself randomly picks one song from each artist listed in the "Similar Music" box on each page.

Visit any artist page to check it out. Try a random artist page, or click any artists' name in the song boxes to the right for that individual artist's page. Enjoy.

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