Lou Barlow: Live March 21, 2005

Thick rimmed glass, two mic's and a guitar is all that was presented to us with the exception of Lou Barlow. Although I was familiar with Sebadoh, Folk Implosion and some of his solo work I was very taken back on the audiences response. It was like not ever being part of a religious faith and then going to a baptist church on Sunday, I really felt like I had the book but I just wasn't on the same page or even chapter. Emotional guys and there girlfriends shouting out songs every chance they got, with the exception of "Free Bird" which eventually Lou just shouted out himself.

The songs were good and well received by the audience but I'm sure it must be frustrating to have a history with die hard fans that may or may not have bought you latest attempt and only wanting to hear the older stuff that they listened to when they had there real first college romance. "Yeah lets hear some more of that shit!" You hear after playing a Sebadoh song. "Rebound" which seems to be the most popular shout out song, according to Lou, wasn't really requested.

I have to say I really want to get a looping pedal. Lou had it down so smooth It took me a second to realize what was going on. He didn't over use it like on every song which was good. His second Mic was a studio mic going through some effects. It added a lot to a singer songwriter acoustic show, though he did use it in almost every song. I enjoyed the show as I do the new album Emoh. I would like to see a band with Lou one day but as is is ok with me.


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