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P2P: Music's Death Knell or Boon?
Somewhere between the live music showcases on Sixth Street and the endless schmoozing that ran well past midnight, the deep-fried drunkfest known as South by Southwest also squeezed in some discussion of technology and how it's changing the music industry.,1412,66959,00.html

Cars Get Into Music Downloading Craze
Searching for an answer to the music download revolution, automakers and audio suppliers are preparing a new wave of car stereos with enough built-in memory for hours of recorded music.

Closing Arguments Begin in Kazaa Trial
The owners of global file-sharing company Kazaa told a court Wednesday they should not be held liable for copyright infringements by network users because the company cannot control how the software is used after it is downloaded.

CEA Declaration of Independence
March 29 is the date set for the US Supreme Court hearing when the major movie studio and record label cartels will again try to overturn MGM v Grokster which says p2p companies aren't responsible for what users do with the file sharing software, with all that implies for companies everywhere.

'iPod Tax' Planned for Music Downloads?
Legislators in Wisconsin are mobilizing against a proposal they call the "iPod tax," in a battle over online music and movies that could soon spread across the United States.

Snocap Reaches Deal with Indie Labels
Snocap said it reached deals with various independent labels to facilitate the distribution of their music on peer-to-peer services.

Fans Dish Out for Digital Music
While many consumers are willing to pay for digital music, there are still those who believe music should be shared widely and freely as a means of artistic expression or self-promotion. According to research by Pew Internet and American Life in May 2004, artists are split on whether free downloading on the Internet has hurt or helped their careers.


How Apple Saved the Music Biz
The significant thing to note is that it was a computer manufacturer and not a record company that cracked the problem of providing legal music downloads.


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