Coley Cole: Goldplated Straightjackets

Do not underestimate this statement - Coley Cole's got a quick tongue - but the title of the Santa Carla native's album, Goldplated Straightjackets, is, also, a hint to it's flaws: this is an artist who listens to so much of Rap's Top 10, he can barely free himself from it's hold.

Of course, he wants the title to mean something else (there's lots of samples from Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys and whatever that Samuel L. Jackson chess movie was called,...yep, think about it: chess. Make you think of anybody? Anybody at all?) but, at his best, he flatters people he, probably, admires too much - a little Eminem here, a little Wu-Tang there - which is bothersome ("The Sleeper Must Awaken" is a straight Wu-Rip-Off) but, his skills are such, it's not enough of a problem for me to say Goldplated Straightjackets isn't good. It is - in some places, this shit shimmers, it's so right. - but they don't pay me to bullshit you: the album's not tracked right and, honestly, most of time I had no idea what he's gettin' at (except, of course, he's troubled, wanted - and "Gold Plated" - all at the same time) but this is a positive review because, when it hits, it's just what anyone who needs an extra dose of that, simple-minded, tried and true, hoody-wearing, "You know what I'm sayin'?" shit is looking for.

And, sometimes, that's me.

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