Dynamics Plus: Dynamic Universe, Volume VI: Dr. Atomics & The Fortress Of Solitude

The natural successor to the Anti-Pop Consortium's elegantly silver-surfaced 2002 release, Arrhythmia (and, even, Kool Keith and Dan The Automator's previously multi-faceted display of pornographic comic book brilliance, 1996's Dr. Octagonecologyst) is Fallout Shelter Productions' Dynamic Universe, Volume VI: Dr. Atomics & The Fortress Of Solitude by the leader of New York's Lenzmen Crew, Dynamics Plus . With his vision and conceptual discipline - along with those Kirk and Spock at Epcot Center beats - he's created something inspiring, original, and, while adding to what's been done, more humanly consistent (like on the Steve Jobs-like diatribe, "Finish The Project") than anything introduced to the burgeoning Blip Hop genre before.

Compared to past Sci-Fi efforts, "D.U.6" is focused, allowing Dynamics Plus' Mad Underground Scientist fighting the Robots shtick to deepen (unlike Raw Fusion's 1991 release Live From The Styleetron which couldn't maintain it's computerized concept for more than 3 or 4 songs) revealing a world with more parameters (unlike Kool Keith's Dr. Octagon, who seemed so bored, by the very idea of a concept, he just kept inventing more and more) which gives it a staying power beyond what we've come to expect (unlike, almost, everyone else, from the Jonzun Crew ("Space Cowboy") to Dan Nakumara's pre-White People experiments with Deltron 3030 and, very loosely, Gorillaz) and hinting, by holding back, there must be more to come.

Dynamics Plus claims he works to replace Blip Hop's sonic structure - and, obviously, raise it's I.Q. level - with the help of his female-voiced Active Monitoring Frequency Liason (A.M.F.L.) but she's not used as a distraction - like Kool Keith's "horse in the hospital" shtick - but as a clever tool to increase the theme's hold on you: now - you're in the future. Like George Clinton, building his career on warped out titles like "The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstien", "Atomic Dog", "Mothership Connection", "Silly Millameter", and - taking a trip to the ocean's depths, looong before James Cameron - "Aqua Boogie", Dynamic Universe, Volume Six makes you go with it, suspend your belief, think, and marvel at how seriously you can get down to all this digital nonsense. I did - and it was great.

Beans is wild - but this is the next phase:

Welcome to the Dynamic Universe.

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