Shipping News: Flies the Fields

This is depressing--the Shipping News album, Flies the Fields--and it could be the background, or the blackground, for every hard done by teen who lists black as their favourite colour, who paints their bedroom black, who wears black, who tells their friends they blackout (they're called naps), for every teen who isn't goth, who isn't metal. This is a soundtrack for aspiring drifters with a trust fund and a bed in the suburbs. Gloomy, but evoking rootsier moods at times, it makes me think of Nebraska, if I fell into a dry well in Nebraska, and I've never been to Nebraska... or fell into a well, dry or not... yet.

Not sure what it says about me, but I do like some of this, especially Untitled W/Drums. So, depressing can be good? Falling into a well can be good? Uh... maybe. Okay, okay, this isn't just for teens, it's also for adults over the age of 25 who were all of the above, or who even wished they were all of the above. It may be dark, but it's darkness well lit.

Alan Williamson

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