Mclusky: R.I.P 1996-2005

Mclusky has called it quits after nearly a decade. As word has begun to spread, they have once again hit the top of the download charts at, two months after the band's demise. The track, "Without MSG I am Nothing" had been a big download favorite here a year earlier in 2004.

A simple statement on, the band's website, states:

    "The three piece rock band known as mclusky have disbanded, as of friday january 7th, 2005. The reason for this parting is private, though probably not as entertaining as you'd imagine. Personally, I would like to thank all the people, places and times that occured on or near us. I'm grateful for the love and to a lesser degree, the hate.

    "There'll be more music soon, from all of us.

    "Future plans formed from words taken from mouthes:

    "Chapple has departed to concentrate on his other band Shooting At Unarmed Men. Falco and Jack are writing material together with plans for something later in the year. There are plans afoot for a package collecting singles, b-sides, rarities and live recordings, rumours of a dvd release are currently false. This site shall remain, and plans to become comprehensive to the point of shame."

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