Anders Parker: Tell It To The Dust

She said it was over. She kicked you outta the car. Yeah, she kicked you out... gouging your back with a Nine West heel. Out in the middle of an overheated wasteland, tumbleweeds, snakes, and lizards. And dust... it hangs in the dry air clogging your nose, scraping your eyes, mummifying your mouth; and now her taillights, devil eyes through the brown dusky haze, hurtle to pin points against the rising eastern black. You sit down in the dirt, afraid you will begin to cry, wanting to say... sorry, but you'd be only telling the dust.

In "Tell It To The Dust", Anders Parker is Richard Buckner with a more expansive sound. Where Buckner seems to zero in, to dolly in on his subject, Parker likes to pull back and show the sky, the horizon, just plain ol' open spaces--where Buckner is portrait photography, Parker is Cinemascope... Parker is widescreen.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes

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