Great Day Coming: Thursday's Tie (Love Your Cuffs)

You remember those days when you show up to work with an ink stain on your shirt right over your right nipple and your hair looks like Dan Rather's in the front, but Beck's in the back? Your head is pounding from lack of caffeine, but you feel like you already downed half a gallon of black coffee? You've got a stye in your left eye and to top it off you're wearing Thursday's tie on Monday? No? Then listen to Great Day Coming's song, "Thursday's Tie (Love Your Cuffs)", over and over until you get that schizoid Monday morning feel.

Labelled experimental, Great Day Coming, don't fit into prefab slots, but if you push hard enough they kinda slide into the indie pop slot alongside bands like Fruit Bats and The Shins.

Alan Williamson

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