Interpol: Slow Hands

Interpol are a New York band--don't hold that against them or use it to sing their praises--let the music do the singing. If you haven't heard 'Slow Hands' you might think this is some great band that has slipped beneath your musical radar for the past decade or more. Then you listen and you hear the past and the present--that guitar associated with today's New York bands, such as... not the Fab Four, but the 'Four with a Fab'--quickly joined by a much heralded defunct British band, whom I will call, 'Concentration Camp Brothel'--when vocalist, Paul Banks, employs his golden throat.

The past, the present, a sharply hooked melody, and strong playing make 'Slow Hands' worth your time. Found on Matador Records, Interpol are another feather in the cap for this dominant independent label that also calls Pavement, Guided By Voices and A.C. Newman, their own.

Alan Williamson

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