Apostle of Hustle: Kings and Queens

What if Broken Social Scene chopped off a few fingers, a few heads, from it's multi-headed, many limbed, 'B' movie monster collective? And what if before they grew back, before they regenerated like a crippled starfish, what if this distilled version of BSS took an 'indie superstar' shot at Steely Dan-like seventies FM radio pop? Fear not, the butchering has not commenced and the starfish, not unlike cartoon starfish and college stoner icon, Patrick Star, is still whole and dense.

The band, Apostle of Hustle, is a few limbs and a head from BSS who goes by the name, Andrew Whitman. With talented and friendly support from a number of fingers and toes from the collective, the stunning Apostle of Hustle song, "Kings and Queens", proves BSS are not 'THE BORG', they are more like a hive of bees that worship the honey--the music, not the queen. And if a few bees stray now and again, what's the worry? The honey always brings 'em back.

Alan Williamson *Sixeyes

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