John Doe: Hwy 5

You're dancing in some juke joint out in the So Cal desert-- all scrub brush and dirty sand lanced by a hell hot ribbon of black asphalt. The tequila hasn't had the desired effect of erasing all the crap needing erasing, it's just soaked into those spots, twisting and pressing them into near unrecognisable problems-- but problems none the less. This is the kind of juke joint you always find, the ones with ex-stripper waitresses who can't afford to get their 15 year old implants pulled out. The ones that get filled up with those addicted to booze, sex, and pain. The ones that exist on the fringes of John Vanderslice songs, but that he never goes into--he always drives by heading for seemingly more normal, but ultimately darker terrain.

John Doe's latest album, Forever Hasn't Happened Yet, offers up the track 'Hwy 5' and this is where I get that booze-addled-juke-joint-escape-attemp-dance from above--the song makes you wanna 'cut a rug' as it fills up with music to the point of nearly exploding--giving me that image of a dirty dive out in the desert. It goes up-side yer head with drum machines, bottleneck slides, and honky tonk piano... just add booze, sand, and a life-or-death problem and you're right here, or there, with me in fantasy land.

Alan Williamson

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