U.S.: The Necessary Evil

With an image of the artist, as the Unabomber, on the cover (and titles like "Bin Laden", "Lumumba", and "Rome Too Burned") you can get the impression U.S.'s CD, The Necessary Evil, proposes that George W. Bush - and, by extension, America - has done something that needs avenging. That's not quite true: the man passionately loves America - sometimes. What is surprising (other than the, recent, successes of the Bush Administration) is how credible his cup-half-full message, still, sounds: this is a really good album.

Moving from the abstract slam of "Sippi Kup", to early Public Enemy-type sonic noise and, then, smoothed out Hip-Hop Soul - and, even an acoustic guitar cover of "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" (called "Sitting On The Block All Day") - this is an eclectic collection that, constantly, surprises with it's consistency: at least eight, of the albums 16 tracks, are not just "good" but get knocked right out of the park, Barry Bonds style. Not bad for a, Brooklyn-born, bedroom warrior who probably, until now, was merely yelling "Break the system!" at his own four walls.

U.S.: we hear you - loud and clear - and, you're right, this is, definitely, "necessary".

Get It Hotta,

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