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Welcome to the betterPropaganda digital music newsletter. Every two weeks we will be sharing the really important industry developments from media sources around the globe.


Industry Unites to Grow British Music Online
There is a common interest for radio companies, licensors and copyright owners to promote British music online.

Peer-to-Peer Networks Coming to a Phone Near You
A handful of upstart vendors are poised to move P2P file-sharing applications from the wired Internet to the wireless space to create an anywhere, anytime network for content creation and distribution.

Downloaders Trying Paid Sites, More Experimentation
American consumers continue to experiment with fee-based online digital music services and download stores in record numbers, according to new research from global marketing research firm Ipsos-Insight.

The Case of MGM v. Grokster
On March 29, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in MGM v. Grokster, a closely watched case involving peer-to-peer file sharing.

Yahoo Japan to Offer Mora Music
Yahoo Japan Corporation, Japan's largest Internet portal operator, said it plans to begin offering a music download service through an alliance with a local music distribution firm, Label Gate.

MSN Messenger Gets Music Integration
Beta build 604 implements a feature that enables users to incorporate a playlist of the songs that they are listening to within their personal instant message.

Norway Proposes New Digital Copyright Law
The government on Friday proposed a new copyright law to make it illegal for Norwegians to copy songs from their own CDs onto MP3 players, but legal to do so for making a CD duplicate.

Over 10 Million Music Videos Downloaded On 3
3, the UK's first and largest video mobile network, today announced that more than 10 million music videos have been watched by its customers on their mobiles since the launch of its video jukebox service only 6 months ago.

iMesh Almost Ready to Become Paid File-Swap Network
For more than six months, Israel's iMesh has been the strangest of beasts in the file-swapping world: a fully functioning peer-to-peer network operating with the blessing, albeit temporary, of the recording industry.

Recording Industry Welcomes Police Investigation of
The international recording industry has welcomed action by the Russian authorities against a Russian website alleged to be offering digital copies of recorded music for sale illegally.

Fighting for File Swapping on Capitol Hill
Philip Corwin has one of the least enviable jobs in Washington, D.C.: He defends file-swapping networks.


Music’s Brighter Future
The internet will eventually be wonderful for music buyers, but it is still a threat to today’s dominant record labels.


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