Crooked Fingers: Call to Love

Chugging acoustic guitars push Crooked Fingers, "Call to Love", back to an era of good feelin' pop songs and male/female vocals. Another fine example of a throwback, an evocation of those special songs you would hear in your mother's car on the way home from picking up groceries. The kind of song that would make a most subliminal impression and would surface twenty or so years later in the first single off of your fourth album. At least that's the impression I have come to after listening to "Call to Love" and Eric Bachmann's familiar vocal -- a voice that is Neil Diamond-like -- that is to say, Diamond without the bluster, the bombastic overkill. Happily countered on this track by Lara Meyerratken's womanly and creamy singing -- this could be Merge Records label mate, M. Ward, with a lighthearted shot of 'pop', an 'indie' twist, added to his superbly atmospheric songwriting. But it isn't... it's Crooked Fingers.

Alan Williamson

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