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Welcome to the betterPropaganda digital music newsletter. Every two weeks we will be sharing the really important industry developments from media sources around the globe.


Legal downloads jumped 900% in 2004
More than 200m songs were downloaded from legal online music stores around the world last year - a 900 per cent increase over 2003's total, the music industry organization IFPI said today.

Price Tag Added To Online Music Videos
After years of reluctantly treating music videos as free promotional tools, record label Universal Music Group is planning to charge Internet and satellite companies whenever they play. Founder Vows Unchained Melodies
Michael Robertson, the founder who tangled with the music industry in a number of lawsuits before selling to Universal three years ago, is set to unveil MP3tunes, a new music service.

RIAA Sues 717 File-Swappers
The Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) has sued another 717 Americans for allegedly distributing music illegally on P 2P networks.

EU Steps into Digital Rights Debate
The European Union has issued a draft document on the implications of the spread of digital rights management, which is often used to protect copyrighted material such as software and music.

Downloads Enter US Singles Chart
Billboard's Hot 100 chart now incorporates data from sales of music downloads, previously only assigned to a separate download chart.

Universal Music, itunes Team Up to Bring Chinese Artists to the World Online
Chinese-language pop music by some of Asia's biggest stars will be available online for the first time in North America and Europe, as the result of a ground-breaking partnership between Universal Music South East Asia and Apple's iTunes Music Store.


Waxploitation Sudan Relief eBay Auction
In its ongoing efforts to raise money for the victims of genocide in Sudan, Waxploitation Music Corp has launched an auction via eBay with the proceeds going to major non-profit relief agencies working directly in Sudan.



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