Joy Zipper: Out Of The Sun

Have you ever stretched your pale fish belly form out on a warm, coconuty, plastic tanning bed? And then smelled and almost felt the co-mingling of antiseptic cleanser and some overpriced 'recommended-for-tanning-beds' tanning lotion? Do you, like me, feel like a grilled cheese sandwich as you pull the top down over you, like the sandwich you made in the waffle iron last night? These are just a few of the negatives about the electric beach, for the positives... such as feeling that warmth seeping into your bones on a wintry mid-January morning, the peace and quiet following a hectic work day, and just plain imagining you are on a beach in the tropics is made much easier. Or you could just listen to Joy Zipper's, "Out of the Sun", for a slice of summer driving music.

Joy Zipper are a duo, a couple (if you get my drift), and the loving couple, Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale, join other great musical duos that produce music with their significant others -- such as Mates of State and Viva Voce.

Alan Williamson

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