Clem Snide: End of Love

Clem Snide's lead singer, Eef Barzelay has a slight voice, the kind of voice that seems distinct on his own songs, but the type that would disappear, would lose it's identity, in an unfamiliar framework. "End of Love", Clem Snide's fifth release, is a familiar framework for the band (continuing with their blue tinged indie-country-pop). And yet the most distinctive things about this collection of 11 tracks are the words, the musicianship, and the production; not the voice of its chief member, it's singer/songwriter, and that's a problem. When a band exists solely to present the songs of 'one' -- the 'one' should have a whole lot more in the way of vocal personality to engage the listener. That said, there are some good songs here, some that are worth more than a couple of spins despite Barzelay's lack of vocal character -- funny that a singer/songwriter with an unfogettable name like Eef Barzelay could have such a forgettable voice.

Alan Williamson

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