Jets To Brazil: You Are Having The Time Of My Life

I can't decide if it's Blake Schwarzenbach's voice or the way the songs are presented, but the band Jets To Brazil sure stand out in a crowd. He always latches onto a simple melody to deliver his open letter-type lyrics to a latest love found or love lost. These words come like smoke from the brick chimney of his throat, it's Pavement's Stephen Malkmus following lifestyle tips from Tom Waits (you know... 'Old Gold' unfiltered smokes and morning shots of Crown Royal). Schwarzenbach's voice finds a happy medium between these two. The song is quite nearly straight ahead rock, but it's that voice again and the above par lyric that push it into the indie camp -- a summer camp of church choir reject voices, thrift store 'models', and 'record store clerk' counselors -- it's a near perfect, near-indie campfire song.

Alan Williamson

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