The Walkmen: Bows and Arrows

These guys, The Walkmen I mean, create more than music, they summon forth, they conjure, atmosphere, ambience, mood, better than any other band. There... said it. Do I really need to say any more about this record? All right, a warning. Some have stated opinions that Hamilton Leithauser sounds like Bono -- HUH?! I must state that I do not hear it, okay, at times I hear a trace of it -- when I'm looking for it, but Leithauser's style, his phrasing, is nothing like Bono's. And the aforementioned moods and ambience of these songs alone is enough to dispel any traces or similarities to other bands. Bows and Arrows is as magnificently atmospheric as their previous release, Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone, on StarTime International. Whereas Everyone Who Pretended... summoned winterscapes and snow-choked streets, Bows and Arrows evokes warmer urban nights, those tired nights in a caffeinated city, buzzing like electric wires in your ears.

Alan Williamson

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