betterPropaganda Radio at Sony Connect

Excitedly, we wish to direct your attention to Sony's new RadioConnect page at, which features betterPropaganda Radio. That's right, we're showing our true colors as purveyors of taste- the Sony folks have decided to put our Radio station FIRST on their list for the launch of their RadioConnect! Yay! Go check it out already.

We have taken hundreds of artists that appear on both betterPropaganda and Connect and created a radio station for you to sit back and enjoy. The featured music is eclectic and genre bending, yet sticks closely to a very careful attention to aesthetic and style. Whether you lean toward the hip hop styles of Kool Keith, the ballads of Elliot Smith, the smart electronics of Nobukazu Takemura, or the indie anthems of The Walkmen; you’re sure to find a ton of new artists that you want to check out further – and that’s what betterPropaganda is for. We want to put you on a path to discover your new favorite music.

Justin Sinkovich, Managing Editor for betterPropaganda in Chicago, sums up his true feelings for our venture with Sony with the amazingly direct depiction: "it's cool!" Not to be outdone, Sinkovich's counterpart at Sony Connect, Senior Manager Neil Schield commented "it's great." They're not the only voices of pleasure in the mix; our staffers at betterPropaganda world headquarters in San Francisco have spent many hours combing through the Connect site, there's tons of excellent music up there. Sony Connect is well worth investigation if you're serious about online music.

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