Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster

Here at betterPropaganda, we don't make it a habit to focus on films about dinosaur metal bands but we thought we'd make a special exemption for Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster because it covers exactly that period (2001-2003) when Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich - the, self-proclaimed, "Most Hated Fucking Asshole In Rock 'N' Roll" - decided file sharing was bad for music and stuck himself right in the path of progress, for-what-reason-we-don't-know. As far as we're concerned, that (plus shots of anybodies therapy sessions) makes this movie a "must see".

So, what do you get for your freakin' weekend DVD rental fee and this "performance enhancement" movie? How about:

Metallica, squirming, because they don't know how to get into a chat room on their own website.

Lars, squirming, as his father tells him "St. Anger" sucks.

Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett, getting all wussy on us and, finally, 'opening up' about his many attempts to get away and "recognize what's real".

Lars, squirming, as Metallica's original guitarist (Dave Mustaine of Megadeath) tells Lars how much he sucks.

Lars, admitting Metallica vocalist/guitarist, James Hetfield, needs 42 beers to even like him.

James Hetfield, slamming a lot of doors because Lars is such an asshole.

Lars, squirming, as he starts to realize he's an asshole.

Metallica, squirming, as the therapist, Phil Towle, appears to believe he's part of the group, also.

Jason Newsted, saying he thinks the whole therapy idea "is really fucking lame and weak".

Like we said, it's a "must see".

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