The Features: The Beginning (Week One)

The Features reel and tumble out of the speakers, drummer Rollum Haas bashing the living hell out of his kit, Parrish Yaw's organ giving us that 60's garage feel. Who the hell are these guys? Where the hell have they been?

The track, "The Beginning (Week One)", reminds me of the early incarnation of The Walkmen, Jonathan Fire Eater, crashing out at you, all cymbals and alternating sweet organ swirls with wooly organ bleats. They have been described as Hot Hot Heat meets Franz Ferdinand, as good a slot as any to stick 'em in, but it fails as all musical analogies do. The really deserving require a new slot, a new category, so I will call The Features sound... crack pop. Extremely addictive.

If this is The Beginning, oh, pray continue fellas, pray continue.

Alan Williamson

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