Vashti Bunyan: Diamond Day

Imagine if Nick Drake hadn't sounded so wounded. If his view was eternally lit by mystical light cast by a rainbow sun. If he had been drawn to a gypsy hippie lifestyle - this is Vashti Bunyan in "Diamond Day". Recorded in 1970 at the height of hippie culture, Bunyan now represents a touchstone to the many psych or new folk artists working today - including Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom, who both seem to take turns carrying the movements spear. In fact Banhart has recorded with Bunyan and cites her as a huge influence on his music. If Bunyan's music moves you, both Banhart and Newsom would be worth seeking out, as well as the hushed indie folk of Iron & Wine, or the band Vetiver, whom both Banhart and Newsom have ties to. Peace.

Alan Williamson

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