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Welcome to the betterPropaganda digital music newsletter. Every two weeks we will be sharing the really important industry developments from media sources around the globe. We also hope to provide insight into what these developments mean, dispelling existing myths and offering reliable perspectives from a broad variety of sources.


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Top 10 Digital Entertainment Trends for 2005
Michael Stroud from Always On, The Insiders Network, offers his take on the top digital entertainment trends for this year.

Gates suggests music deal with Sony
Microsoft's chairman said that the two companies could benefit from a broad partnership in digital entertainment.

Downhill Battle wages uphill fight vs. music industry
Downhill Battle opposes the lawsuits that the two groups have filed against technologies like BitTorrent and Napster, as well as more than 7,000 individual users of file-sharing software.

The Future of Digital Music
With the information age in full swing, digital music has become another part of American pop culture. The Gear Live editors take a look at the future of digital music.

MTV Signs Multi-Year, Expanded Digital Music Store Agreement With Loudeye
Loudeye Corp., today announced a new multi-year agreement with MTV whereby MTV will launch 2 new online music stores powered by Loudeye’s OD2 services.

British Talent Powers Album Sales to New High in 2004
Birth of legal download market promises bright future for singles. Sales of downloads are rising so quickly they actually eclipsed physical singles sales in the last week of 2004, according to the BPI.

Pay-Per-Download Sites Mull Ads
Providers of downloadable MP3s may soon display ads at their online music stores, executives said last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The All-New Clickable Music Video
Universal Music is kicking off an online experiment with interactive music videos, turning band members' figures into one-click gateways for selling a singer's shirt or concert tickets.


The Crack Emcee Joins betterPropaganda
We're very pleased to announce that The Crack Emcee (CMC) has joined our San Francisco betterPropaganda staff as one of our music directors. CMC sounds and words have graced our site since we launched last year; expect much more in 2005. Check out his blog, The Macho Response, below.

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