Pedro The Lion: Achilles Heel

The words "Achilles' Heel" denote a sense of weakness. Rarely are those words used for purposes of praise or of great achievement. It's always about something that's a setback. A stutter. A hesitation. A limitation. Even with that title emblazoned in my mind, I still had high expectations of what was to come.

From "Bands with Managers" it was obvious that this is a complete 180 from where Pedro the Lion was on It's Hard to Find a Friend. Maturity, growth, and a label change can do that to a band. It wasn't just that though. It continued on in a light heartedness until the song "Discretion" rolled along. So it was obvious from the outset that one of the weaknesses of this album was a plot. There wasn't a story line that has been a mainstay of the past Pedro the Lion albums.

There were a couple of catchy tracks few and far between. The music wasn't interesting. I'm still searching for the meaning of this album (if it did have a point, it was deeply overshadowed). Point being, it was boring. Listening to the same whining over and over again is just annoying. Nothing was new or inventive on Achilles Heel.

For a number of artists, this could be an accomplishment. But for Pedro the Lion, I expected a whole hell of a lot more. All that's left is a guessing game. Achilles Heel had the potential for being something great, possibly one of the best albums of the year. But it's nowhere near that. Cross your fingers and toes in hope that by the next album, Pedro will have it together.

Andy Heater

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