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Welcome to our first bi-monthly digital music newsletter, betterInfo. You may know that betterPropaganda has been introducing a increasingly large audience to better new music from 250 major and specialty labels for almost a year now. During this time, we've also been sharing digital music news with a lot of you. Now, we’ve decided to formalize this dissemination, hence this newsletter. We have an enormous amount of articles, research and other materials piling up here, and we wanted to share this info - just as we share music on betterPropaganda.

We are also interested in augmenting the perspectives we find in the mainstream media. Many are nothing more than pandering propaganda pieces from unreliable sources, e.g., the recording industry and its vast body of lobbyists. Inaccurate or false perspectives, such as digital sharing hurts artists and the recording industry is loosing money, are parroted without skepticism by the mainstream media. We believe, similar to our hand-selected music stance, that collecting the most accurate and interesting tidbits from a broad variety of new sources will produce a more reliable news source…hence, betterInfo. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any feedback or ideas to improve this, looking forward to hearing from you.


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"The future is already's just not widely distributed."
-- William Gibson


Music Sharing That’s Free and Legal
Some companies are heading towards a new step in music sharing – combining peer to peer technology with Internet radio that will broadcast people’s private playlists onto the web.

Toe-to-Toe Over Peer-To-Peer
Record labels have decided to work with new peer-to-peer services that will allow consumers legal mp3 file sharing.,1412.html

Itunes Introduces Downloadable Mixtape
iTunes Music Store is now providing legal hip hop mix tapes to download.

Electronic Arts Ramps Up Focus On Music With New Joint Venture
Electronic Arts and Cherry Lane Music Publishing have formed Next Level Music which will sign and promote new artists through its video games.

PortalPlayer Rides Popularity of the iPod
PortalPlayer, a chip maker for personal media players, plans to go public this week due to a demand for shares driven largely by the success of the iPod.

MSN Links up with
Microsoft Corp. MSN Music site will begin featuring some artists from the independent music Web site

Music Downloads will be Available Through ATM Machines in the UK
The UK will this week see the launch of music download vending machines that allow punters to purchase songs for cash as easily as buying soft drinks or snacks.

Apple iPod may one day go wireless
Analysts don't foresee Apple iPod with wireless capabilities emerging anytime soon, but a newly obtained document provides incontrovertible evidenc that the company has been experiementing with wireless iPods for nearly two years.


This is the section of the newsletter where betterPropaganda provides information necessary to dispel an existing music industry myth. This week we tackle the well-circulated argument that P2P music sharing networks hurt CD sales with a couple of pretty compelling pieces.

What’s really going on in the Music Industry Today
This is one of the best articles we’ve seen this year on the changing nature of the music biz. Alec Hanley Bemis boils down today’s trends, myths, and happenings giving us a new way of looking at music’s current changes and possible futures.

Harvard and NC Chapel Hill Dispel the Myth that Music Sharing Networks Hurt CD Sales
You've read about the research study undertaken by two professors that strongly implies that P2P networks actually don't hurt CD sales. The arguments are compelling and tight and the RIAA has not been able to refute them...worth the read:


KutMasta Kurt Interview
KutMasta Kurt is arguably one of the biggest hip hop producers in the indie world. Hidden from the mainstream media, he's worked with a who's who of rappers and received much warranted critical acclaim...

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